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Ways You Can Reach Customers Through Digital Technology and Internet 

Doing business online may be simple for many, but being successful is a different thing. Some people apply for online courses, widen their networks, and spend most of their time finding prospective customers. Fortunately, digital technology helps in making success attainable for young entrepreneurs and even those who are in the industry for years.   

Lead generation and digital advertising are two popular terms you meet when you do business through the Internet. It’s because digital technology is now the most effective tool and the Internet is now the platform where people get a target audience and find prospective customers. T  

The following are the ways you can use digital technology and the Internet to your advantage:   

The first thing you can utilize is social media. Billions of people have social media, whether Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, YouTube – – – and the list goes on. The opportunity to meet and engage people that could be potential customers is very possible and surely, not one to be missed. In social media, you are provided with the platform as well as tools to be part of different communities, post your content, create a business account, engage the audience, advertise your products and reach customers. Instagram and Facebook, for instance, have FREE ad tools you can utilize to reach customers. Facebook, specifically has different groups where you can post content and engage with people. With social media, the possibility is endless.   

The second platform is a website. Creating your own website was difficult to do, but now, companies are offering free sites which you can use as a start-up such as WordPress and Wix to name a few. You can now also purchase your own domain name and create your own URL. Creating websites does not need coding knowledge anymore as everything is easier to customize. Your website can be a great tool for advertising, online shopping and transaction, and more. Website companies even provide sites specialized for business owners and entrepreneurs.   

The third platform, and by far, the most traditional, is e-mail. Personally, sending emails to prospective customers can also be an effective way to advertise your product or service. You can also do this even alongside your social media business accounts and website.   

When using this platform, take note of the following:  

  • Use excellent quality data. Reaching customers through E-mails entails a more formal approach compared to reaching them through a social media account or personal website. Make sure that the data provided is clean and recent as this may disappoint customers.   
  • Only send data that is relevant to the customer or recipient. This is a big factor in reaching potential customers. There is no way that a senior can appreciate content and product that are intended for teenagers. While feasible, this is not always the case.  
  • Ensure that your e-mail piques interest. This is to say that dull emails will never have an impact on the recipient and therefore do not do you any favor.   

There are still several things to do on the Internet and we just listed the three most popular. Now take some time to utilize your knowledge and take some steps forward. 

Silent Signs That Your Roof is Failing  

You may not be aware of this but your roof plays a major role in different aspects of your house: safety, protection, and curb appeal. Some homeowners tend to overlook these things by not doing regular proper maintenance and inspection. Worse, when they see damages, they tend to ignore it. With a damaged roof, a lot can happen including accidents, injuries, structural damages, and more. This is why a quick repair is always advised.   

Toiture à Trois-Rivières is a trusted company that can repair any roof damages without worrying about the price. So, if you notice these telltale signs, call them right away.   

Silent Signs Your Roof is Damaged  

Stains on the ceiling – the most probable reason for ceiling stains is a damaged roof. Damaged roofs allow for water leakage from the outside to seep inside. If you have leakage, however tiny, repair it immediately as it can worsen and may damage the roof completely necessitating a roof replacement. Other problems can occur too such as rotted framing, mold, and damaged insulation.   

Molds between exterior walls and roof 

During heavy rains, water may run off the wall, and especially when you do not have a kick-out flashing, this can occur repeatedly until the wall becomes prone to wetness, allowing molds to grow. Give it just a year and you will experience structural weakening on your wall and rood, leading to cracks and holes. Don’t wait for this to happen and repair it immediately.   

Rusted gutters  

Rusty gutters do not always indicate damage, but they may potentially break down your gutters when left untreated and uncleaned. Brush off and remove the rust and put on a gutter repair tape. If your gutter is too damaged, try to replace it anew.   

Damaged shingles 

Damaged shingles are an indication that your roof is not in a good condition. A leak is already waiting to happen and we know how leaks can destroy roofs and walls. Don’t worry, repairing broken shingles is easy.   

Damaged gutter apron  

Without a gutter apron, water runoff in the gutter will eventually wick behind it. This will result in rotting sheathing as well as molds. A missing gutter apron is a sign that you need to check on your roof and fix what needs to be fixed.  

Issues on your vent   

Cracked housings and broken seams on your vents are indications of roof damage. A quick fix may not also be adequate and replacing them would be the solution to the problem.   

Molds on the walls  

Molds indicate leaking because they just grow in areas where there is constant mildew. When left not removed, molds can cause damage as well as health problems in the family members. To find out the cause of the problem, find the spot where the mold grows and where it leads and ends. Remove the mold and fix whatever needs to be fixed. Molds are an indication of holes and cracks where leaks happen. Fix the cracks and holes and you will fix the leaking and the molds.   



Doing Online Business: Choosing an eCommerce Business Model  

In starting up an online business, whether small or big, there are several things you need to consider. Besides the pros and cons you need to be aware of, there are different business models to choose from before you do a kickstart. And of course, each of these models has its own pros and cons.  

These business models require different levels of financial investment that will also further determine your overall business structure. And the best way to ensure at least a bigger chance to be successful in your entrepreneurial journey is to select the model that will work best for you.   

Doing online business, selecting freight shipping service, and journeying further in the industry is not simple. It usually incurs bigger capital because you will need to buy in bulk. Here are the business models that you can choose from:  

  1. Sourcing from wholesalers and manufacturers 

Sourcing from wholesalers and manufacturers are different business models. Both models require you to purchase the products in bulk and you sell at your own benefit and risk. The difference is the branding.   

On the one hand, sourcing from wholesalers is the traditional retail business that most people have been doing. You find a wholesaler and buy their product at a wholesale price. Selling the products and delivering them to the customers will then be all your responsibility and the wholesaler is now out of the picture.   

This entails bigger capital as you would need to pay in full the wholesaler, and bugger risk because you will need to sell in order to regain the capital and get profit. This is labor-intensive but you will also have big profits.   

On the other hand, sourcing from manufacturers finding a manufacturer that would create your product, own the product by putting your own label and selling it.   

Compare with the former, this model is more labor-intensive because you will need to make your own branding, packaging, and everything that is required in making your own label and brand. The advantages include having your own brand, creating and selling your own product, and higher profits since you are making something new.   

  1. Doing drop-shipping 

This business model is so convenient and does not require too much especially capital. This is the most go-to model that most start-up businesses use. Why? You won’t need a financial investment when you choose this model because you will not pay any cent until you make some sales.   

Additionally, it involves you deciding what to sell, finding a supplier that provides the services, listing the products you want to sell, starting selling, and each purchase, you get some percentage.   

Here is how it further works:  

  • Your customer buys the product from your store at a retail price;  
  • You place the order from the supplier at a wholesale price; and   
  • The supplier ships the select product directly to the customer.  
  1. Creating your own product 

If you are artistic or creative, then you can use this and sell your own product. For instance, you sell your own crafted crochet beanies, painting, or anything of your creation. This is gratifying, both financially and emotionally to people who have turned their hobbies and passion into a business.   

Selecting a business model is just the first step, but this will determine the structure of the business that impacts greatly your success!